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Welcome to my site. Syndrome X is all about presenting the research I have been juggling for years. I was once an individual who suffered chronic depression. I must admit it was hard to fully recover from that illness, which is why I’ve decided to help myself by doing lots of research about mental health and all related topics about it.

I do not claim to be a professional counselor or what not. But my experience has taught me how to handle the process, especially the part where I am into meeting my full recovery at its final steps.

It really does happen. And you know what, professional help really works. But above all, your self worth should be there with you all the time, this is what makes your fight a bit easier at some point . The love and support coming from your family and friends will make the healing possible too.

Just call me Dave… and I’m so brave to discuss with you my life (also part of the process so I really appreciate your visit).

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Tips to Getting a Better Night’s Sleep Without Medicine

  The frequent and consistent inability to get ‘enough’ sleep to allow a person to awaken feeling rested and refreshed can lead to serious mental health problems. Sleep deprivation, somewhat like exposure to heavy metals, does not simply pass out of your system nor can its effects be corrected by sleeping some extra hours when you can. The effect is cumulative. Known effects of not getting the amount of sleep that you, as an individual, need to feel OK and to be at your best, include depression, anxiety, various mood disorders and even ADHD. Sometimes, people who have trouble either…

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The Benefits of Meditation

  Meditation has been known to reduce stress, focus the mind, increase creativity and instill a general feeling of well-being. In a hectic world of go, go, go, meditation can act as the calm within a storm as worries, anxieties and the basic tension of the day are eased. Meditation can be linked with a spiritual life and offers an opportunity for the soul to ponder the deeper meaning of life events. For most, the purpose of meditation is purely relaxation but for others the goal is to achieve greater happiness or inner peace, through introspection. As well, it is…

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Managing Stress and Anxieties – Creating Balance

How can you manage to get everything you need to do done without getting stressed out? The first thing that we need to understand is that not every form of stress is bad. A little bit of stress can actually be good for you. In 1908, two psychiatrists – Yerkes and Dodson, have concluded that both people with too much stress, and those with too little stress, have learned less than those with moderate levels of stress (they are the ones that have learned the most). When the level of stress is too low, then you don’t necessary care about…

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Schizophrenia is a mental disorder effecting one out of every 200 Americans. It’s caused when there becomes too much dopamine in the brain’s mesolimbic pathway. The basic side effects are a paranoid distortion of the reality surrounding the patient. Russel Crowe’s character in A Beautiful Mind had a profound case. Schizophrenia’s symptoms are grouped into two categories: productive and deficit. The productive symptoms include auditory hallucinations, delusions, thought distortion, and the basic manifestation of psychosis. The deficit symptoms include lack of motivation, lack of emotional output, and blunted speech. The most common and well known symptom is auditory hallucinations. This…

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Mental Health: Inner is Outer

We humans are very much like machines, although we don’t notice it in normal life. We learn to respond in certain way and our lives flow in a premeditated direction. Looks like we have very little freedom to change things. I will start out with an example. Let’s imagine that you take a bucket full of water and go to some elevated spot and pour all that water on the ground. The water is going to find its way easily running by all the stones and plants and undergrowth and the gravity is going to help carry the water downwards,…

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